About Us

Bishopstown Business Association was officially launched on 26th January 2015. The committee was appointed and plans drawn up. Fred Stone was elected as chairperson and the other officers elected to the committee were Joe O’Connor, vice chairman; David O’Connor, secretary;Joe O’Shea, treasurer; David Valentine, committee member and Denis Desmond, committee member. It is very early days but we have already begun to develop clear plans going forward and all are agreed we need to keep a clear focus on promoting local businesses through raising awareness and playing an active part in the local community.
Four sub committees have been set up to focus on various initiatives:
1- Building an online presence & developing a business directory,
2 Planning Group- to liaison with City Council in relation to (a)Cork Area Transit System Study,(b)NRA South West Study-looking at cycling/walking proposals,(c)Cork City Walking Strategy
(d) any planning that effects the business in Bishopstown Area (Bishopstown and Wilton Area Action Plan Adopted October 2007)
3 Group to liaise with Retail & Service Sector business owners in the Bishopstown area
4 Community Liaison Group – we have put our support behind the new local playground campaign and this it is hoped will be the first step in regular community involvement for various projects and initiatives.

There are lots of businesses in the area and many people are just not aware of what is out there on their doorstep. We really want to push the idea that supporting local business supports your local community and benefits everybody.

The committee meet weekly every Tuesday @ 9.30am in Bishopstown Café and are determined to be a positive voice for the area on various issues like planning, the proposed council boundary changes, community issues like the playground and much more “We want to liaise with residents and get more people involved.

Anyone interested should get in touch, we want to hear good ideas and get as many people involved as possible.